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What’s the Deal with Potassium?

So what’s the deal with potassium? You’ve seen me post whether a recipe is Low, Med or Hi. What gives? Potassium is a mineral found in many foods. It helps regulate your heart rate and keeps your muscles working. Its your kidneys’ job to keep the right levels of potassium in your body. As you […]

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Workout Day 2

Workout number 2 was quite a bit easier. My body was happy to get back in the swing of things. You have to embrace the burn. Instead of being afraid of it, or wishing it was over, you’ve got to love it. I measured myself to start a baseline. You can’t just rely on weight. […]

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Exercise Day One

Let’s get this straight. I love exercising! I love how my body feels, I love feeling strong, I love the energy! As my kidney disease has progressed from stage 4 to stage 5, my ability to exercise has dwindled to nothing. I haven’t had a good workout in over 7 months. I was severely exhausted […]

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Hey guys! I’ve started a facebook page detailing my kidney disease and possible upcoming transplant. If you’d like to follow, please find me at I never thought I would be in this situation in a million years. I have always felt healthy and athletic. While it proves difficult to be positive at times, I […]

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10 Signs of Kidney Failure

  What do the kidneys do and why should you care? Kidneys help filter waste from your blood, regulate blood pressure, electrolyte balance & red blood cell production. All of these are vital to your existence…whether you realize it or not. Kidney failure occurs because of a build up of waste in the body and […]

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Everyone is fighting something, whether its that last 5 pounds, 50 pounds, getting stronger, eating better, or even finding the WANT to exercise. You’re a fighter. I’m a fighter. When I go to the gym or eat right, its to fight for my health. I want to be strong. When I workout, I feel better […]

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