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Workout Day 3

Ok, the squats at the end of this workout were a bit overboard. My legs have been screaming for 2 days. You might ask, Glori, why would you do 60 squats after not working out in 4 months? I might answer, because I felt like I could. So, the good part was that I could […]

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Workout Day 2

Workout number 2 was quite a bit easier. My body was happy to get back in the swing of things. You have to embrace the burn. Instead of being afraid of it, or wishing it was over, you’ve got to love it. I measured myself to start a baseline. You can’t just rely on weight. […]

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Exercise Day One

Let’s get this straight. I love exercising! I love how my body feels, I love feeling strong, I love the energy! As my kidney disease has progressed from stage 4 to stage 5, my ability to exercise has dwindled to nothing. I haven’t had a good workout in over 7 months. I was severely exhausted […]

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