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Spinach Souffle

This recipe is literally one of my favorite breakfast foods of all time. I’ve loved spinach since I was a kid…I know I’m a weirdo! But it’s my favorite vegetable. I love cheese and I love soufflé the obvious next step is to put them all together. This recipe is super easy to throw together […]

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Cheddar Hatch Scones

My hubby has said this is his current favorite recipe out of everything I make. I can’t get a better recommendation than that, now can I? During hatch season, we buy a ton of roasted hatch and I put them in ziplocs and freeze them for the year. That way, anytime my hubs gets a […]

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Strawberry Goat Cheese Candied Pecan Salad

I’ve been completely obsessed with this salad lately. It’s amazing and super easy to throw together, especially if you make the candied pecans ahead of time. I mean, who doesn’t need candied pecans at their fingertips? Seriously. (see below for my recipe) I love mixing half baby spinach and half romaine. Great flavor. Excellent crunch! […]

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German Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

  My daughter requested cinnamon rolls for breakfast for her birthday sleepover. It seemed like a reasonable request. Every good sleep over needs homemade cinnamon rolls, right? Here’s the low down on middle school girl sleepovers: CRA-ZY. As soon as one girl gets added to the mix, the giggling begins. and doesn’t stop. Until your […]

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