Veggie Quinoa Fried Rice


You Guys. This is literally my favorite breakfast right now. It is super easy to #mealprep on a Sunday for the week. It stays good in the fridge too – doesn’t get mushy or gross.

If you’re looking for a vegetarian/vegan breakfast that is hearty with a good macros, this is it! Its filling, delicious and easy to prep.


I also like topping my Veggie Quinoa Fried Rice with a little stir fry sauce. I add a teaspoon, so it adds minimal sodium. You can add hot sauce, ketchup or just leave it alone. It’s going to rock no matter what. Without the stir fry sauce, this amazing breakfast (or side dish) only brings in 134mg of sodium! The Vegan option only has 48 mg of sodium!!!! You could eat two servings if you wanted!!

Use 2 pans for this, one for the rice and quinoa and one for the vegetables and egg/tofu. They’ll come together at the end.

1 cup supergrain mix OR ¾ c. rice and ¼ c. quinoa
1 tsp. olive oil
1 zucchini, diced
1 yellow squash, diced
½ medium sweet onion, diced
1 tsp. minced garlic
2-4 mushrooms, diced (optional)
4 eggs*
5 egg whites*
*for a Vegan option, instead of eggs, crumble ½ block of extra firm tofu
need some heat? Mince ½ jalapeno (optional)

In a separate pan, make rice & quinoa according to the directions

In a large skillet, on medium heat, sauté vegetables and garlic in olive oil. After 3 minutes or so, add the tofu crumbles – if going for the vegan option.

When the rice & quinoa are done, add to the vegetables. Here is where you’ll scramble in the eggs and egg whites – if going for the vegetarian option.


That’s it. You’re done. I told you it was easy. Separate into 5 containers. Now your breakfast for the week is covered! Well done!

PS – If you’re feeling in a super preppy mood, cook 2 cups of your supergrain mix (rice & quinoa). Divide in half when it’s done cooking. One half goes to this delicious recipe and the other half goes in the fridge for later. I love adding this supergrain mix to salads for extra crunch, fiber and healthy carb factors.

PPS- Some supergrain mixes have farro or other wheats in them – not GF.


Nutrition info for Vegetarian option (with eggs) 5 servings
Cals 249
Fat 7 g
Cholesterol 149 mg
Sodium 134 mg
Carbs 30 g
Fiber 1.9 g
Sugars 2.3 g
Protein 12.3 g

Nutrition info for Vegan options (with tofu) 5 servings
Cals 198
Fat 4.7 g
Cholesterol 0 g
Sodium 48 mg
Carbs 31 g
Fiber 2.3 g
Sugars 2.1 g
Protein 7.9 g

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